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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fact Check # 5

On road to Medicine Lake
Maligne Canyon
Fairy Slippers

Fact Check #

May 28, 2006

Total miles traveled to date: 3,249.2; includes sightseeing excursions.

Gas mileage: Holding steady at just under 23 miles per gallon.

Price of gas: Increasing with latitude; $1.01 per liter (Can) in Cranbrook,

$1.08 (Can) per liter in Jasper, $1.14 (Can) per liter in Prince George and Chetwynd, and $1.24 (Can) in Fort Nelson. There are 3.8 liters in a gallon. That means that the price per gallon in Fort Nelson is $4.71 (can). The exchange rate is currently .90 Can to $1.00 US. So, the price per US dollar is $4.24 per gallon. Considering my great math skills, a check of the math would be in order. Of course it may be that the price per gallon in Denton is $4.00 per gallon. Thank you Mr. Chaney for trying to help out the poor oil companies.

New low temperature: 34 degrees outside right now. The lady at the desk said it might snow today.

Gas canisters used: 5; Hot showers

Date had to buy more wine: May 27, 2006. Hey, most of that weight was in the bottles.

New record: We have now crossed the Continental divide eight times in one trip.

Ugliest town so far: I am not going to mention the name because I know that this blog is very widely read and I don’t want to offend anyone who has three riffles in the cab of their pickup and a 45 on their belt. However, the initials are F. N.

Most beautiful Town: Impossible to pick one. But the following would be in the finals: Trinidad, Co., Gardener, Mont., Laramie, Wyo. Polson, Mont. (on south end of Flathead Lake), Somers, Mont. (on north end of Flathead Lake), Jasper, Alberta


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